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KNL Logistics

We’re ready to resolve your challenges.

Our logistics solutions keep your supply chain running smoothly through validated data, 24/7 shipment tracking and unmatched logistics expertise.

Our suite of logistics offerings, from real-time visibility to on-site warehouse management, can be as low- or high-touch as you feel necessary — and we can customize a logistics management solution just for you. These include:

  • Visibility: Our technology provides accurate, timely data and total visibility between origin and destination. We also provide reports and historical analysis to help manage shipments.
  • Shipment Management: We take care of rail car waybilling, empty car ordering and fulfillment, shipment monitoring and problem resolution. We can also help you reduce demurrage costs.
  • Cross-Border Shipping: We can facilitate customs clearance for cross-border shipments, making for a quicker, easier clearance process.
  • Total Logistics Management: If you wish, we can provide the staff to manage every aspect of your logistics operation. Our team can provide customized monitoring, escalate delayed and at-risk cars, and offer guidance to help manage your rail pipeline as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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