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LTL TruckLoad 

KNL Logistics only partners with the nation’s only true asset based LTL non temperature/temperature
controlled carrier servicing North America.  Our ability to learn about our customers and then form
transportation partnerships with them has enabled us to become a valuable asset to our customers in a
very dynamic and competitive marketplace.  One call to KNL Logistics gives you access to every
temperature controlled service you need:

  • Frozen and cooler shipments between every major point within North America
  • Service centers nationwide
  • Dock-to-dock pickup and delivery
  • Direct scheduled LTL runs weekly
  • Temperature controlled shipments maintained with RTF certified trailers
  • Optional LTL Guaranteed service – Guaranteed delivery date or your money back
    (surcharge applies)
  • Multi-temp (frozen and cooler) LTL trailers with moveable bulkheads.

    Temperature Controlled Offering & Responsibility

  • Cooler: Air temperature set point 33⁰F providing an air temperature range of 33⁰F to 38⁰F while
    in transit.
  • Frozen: Air temperature set point -10⁰F providing an air temperature range of – 10⁰ to 31⁰F while
    in transit.

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